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Life story
January 1, 1993
My Most Cherished and Adored Feather Child Alex, even though I may not see you, I do know you're right here and I can feel you all around me. Sweet Alex, I want to take this opportunity to Thank You because You Decorated My Life! Honest and for true you did and this song says it all, Dearest Beloved Alex.
God Bless You for Decorating My Life!!!  
I Love You Sooooo Much!!!
"You Decorated my Life!"
By: Kenny Rogers

All my life was a paper.
Once plain pure and white.
Till you moved with your pen.
Changing moods now and then.
Till the balance was right.

Then you added some Music.
Every note was in place.
And anybody could see.
All the changes in me.
By the look on my face!

And You Decorated my Life!
Created a World.
Where Dreams are a part!

And You Decorated my Life!
By painting your Love.
All over my Heart!

You Decorated my Life!

Like a rhyme with no reason.
In an unfinished song.
There was no harmony.
Life meant nothing to me.
Until you came along!

And you brought out the Colors.
What a gentle Surprise.
Now I'm able to see all the things life can be.
Shining soft in your Eyes.

And You Decorated my Life!
Created a World.
Where Dreams are a part.

And you Decorated my Life
By painting your Love!
All over my Heart!

You Decorated my Life!
January 1, 1993

Yes, Dear Sweet Loving Alex, you truly are in a far, far better place. I mean, really. Here, this song says it all and so perfectly. But! Like this tune tells you ...


"But hold this memory bittersweet until we meet."


Remember, I've always told you that we shall indeed be reunited on That One sweet Day! Please, believe your Mama. I would never fib to you about something like this. You've just got to know that, Dear One. Perhaps it's true as sung in the song Starry Starry Night: "But, I could have told you Alex, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you!" And now, I greatly wish you an exciting and safe journey. Please be Happy for your Mama! I Love You So Much!!!  


 Fly, Fly Little Wing Alex!









Fly, fly little wing.
Fly beyond imagining.
The softest cloud. The whitest dove.
Upon the wind of Heaven's Love.
Past the planets and the stars.
Leave this lonely world of ours.
Escape the sorrow and the pain.
And fly again.
Fly, fly Precious One.
Your endless journey has begun.
Take your gentle happiness.
Far too beautiful for this.
Cross over to the other shore.
There is Peace Forevermore.
But hold this memory bittersweet.
Until we meet.
Fly, fly. Do not fear.
Don't waste a breath. Don't shed a tear.
Your Heart is Pure. Your Soul is Free.
Be on your way. Don't wait for me.
Above the Universe you'll Climb.
On beyond the hands of Time.
The moon will rise. The sun will set.
But I won't forget.
Fly, fly little wing.
Fly where only Angels sing.
Fly away. The time is right.
Go now.
Find the Light.


January 1, 1993

Dearest Alex, here is another lullaby you loved so much when I sang you to sleep. A Blessing really. Listen and I shall watch you yawn and nod off to the land of mystical magical marvelous dreams as you always did in such contentment.


I hope you like your photos in the Gallery area and the images I chose to accompany the lyrics for this very beautiful song of Blessings, my most precious feather child. I Love You!!! Shhh ... Here's your Sleep Song, Alex.









"Sleep Song"
By: Secret Garden


Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby. Back to the years of Loo-Li,Lai-Ley. And I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrow. Bless you with love for the road that you go.

May you sail fair to the far fields of fortune with diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet and may you need never to banish misfortune. May you find kindness in all that you meet.

May there always be Angels to watch over you. To guard you each step of the way. To guard you and keep you safe from all harm. Loo-Li,Loo-Li,Lai-Ley.

May you bring love and may you bring happiness. Be loved in return to the end your days. Now fall off to sleep. I'm not meaning to keep you. I'll just sit for a while and sing Loo-Li,Lai-Ley.


May there always be Angels to watch over you. To guard you each step of the way. To guard you and keep you safe from all harm. Loo-Li,Loo-Li,Lai-Ley. Loo-Li,Loo-Li,Lai-Ley.



January 1, 1993

This is my greatest wish, Alex.


I pray with all my heart that what this song expresses will happen someday, one day soon!


I Love You!!!







Someday when we are wiser . . .
When the world's older . . .
When we have learned.
I pray someday we may yet . . .
Live to Live and let Live.
Someday Life will be fairer . . .
Need will be rarer . . .
And greed will not pay.
God Speed this Bright Millennia . . .
On it's way. Let it come Someday.
Someday our fight will be won and . . .
We'll stand in the sun in . . .
That bright afternoon.
'Til then on days when the sun is gone . . .
We'll hang on if we wish upon the moon.
There are some days dark and bitter . . .
Seems we haven't got a Prayer.
But a Prayer for something Better . . .
Is the one thing we all Share.
Someday when we are wiser . . .
When the whole world is older . . .
When we have Love.
And I pray Someday we may yet . . .
Live to Live and one day . . .
Someday . . .
Someday life will be fairer . . .
Need will be rarer . . .
And greed will not pay.
God Speed this Bright Millennia!
Let it come if we wish upon the moon.
One day . . . Someday . . .  Soon . . .
I'm blowing you Many Kisses and sending you Oceans of Love, Alex!!!
January 1, 1993
Here's a video that we both enjoyed lots and lots, Alex. It's one of my very favorite songs and movies. Plus the lyrics are so meaningful. You loved to sit on my right shoulder listening, watching the real live lion cubs and especially the animated cartoon.                                  
Oh, how you'd make your happy sounds and do your happy dance. 
Well, you enjoy watching the animations, drawings, people and live lions and I'll think of you because with you gone, this song takes on even more meaning, doesn't it? Enjoy the film, Precious Alex. I Love You!
"The Circle of Life"
From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking step into the sun
There's more to be seen than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done.

Some say eat or be eaten.
Some say live and let live.
But all are agreed as they join the stampede
You should never take more than you give.

In the Circle of Life! It's the Wheel of Fortune.
It's the Leap of Faith. It's the Band of Hope.
Till we find our Place on the Path Unwinding.
In the Circle ...

The Circle of Life!

Some of us fall by the wayside.
And some of us soar to the stars.
And some of us sail through our troubles.
And some have to live with the scars.

There's far too much to take in here.
More to find than can ever be found.
But the sun rolling high through the Sapphire Sky
Keeps Great and Small on the Endless Round ...

In The Circle of Life!
September 3, 2009

Hi Alex. I'll bet you're having a wonderful time "Walking in the Air" with all your friends where you are. I can just imagine how awsome it must be! Perhaps something like this?





"Walking in the Air" 



We're Walking in the Air ... Floating in the Sky ...
Floating in the Air ...

We're walking in the Air
We're floating in the moonlit Sky
The people far below are sleeping as we Fly

We're holding very tight
I'm riding in the midnight blue
I'm finding I can Fly so high above with you!

Far across the world
The villages go by like dreams
The rivers and the hills
The forests and the streams

Children gaze open mouth
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes!

We're surffing in the Air
We're swimming in the frozen sky
We're drifting over icy
Mountains floating by

Suddenly swooping low on an ocean deep
Arousing of a mighty monster from its sleep!

We're walking in the Air
We're floating in the midnight sky
And everyone who sees us greets us as we Fly


I Love You So Much!!!  

September 18, 2009

My Dearest Baby Boy Alex,

It's been a while since I spoke with you here. But, I think about you so much that I sometimes forget to breathe. Looking up into the beautiful night sky takes on a whole new meaning since you crossed over. Please don't think of the sky as sadness, sorrow or grief because it is blue. Give that lovely color a whole new different meaning ...

Blue, to me, is not cold, distant or uncaring. Blue is floating, unrestrained and without fear ... Reaching for the sky and beyond ... Stretching unbridled to gently pluck from the Heavens the furthest star. Feel the blue of its brilliance. Feel the blue!

Alex, you are that one, unique, brilliant star that keeps burning so brightly!

And, you'd best believe I'll continue to "tell your story" so others will know how amazing you were in all you said and did. My hope and prayer is that everyone I speak with and share things about you ... That they will tell a friend then their friend will tell someone else who in turn will tell others so you will be spoken of fondly, lovingly and humorously for ages to come as your "story" passes from one generation to the next for all time!

I do listen and can hear you call out across the clear blue night sky. Oh, how I pray that others can hear you too, my most Cherished, Immortal Beloved Feather Child.

Sweet Alex, you can always reach out and touch me. I know in my heart and soul you'll always be with me until eternity passes away. Please know that I'll never leave you either. Time can indeed be transcended and you're always here with me!

I Love You And Miss You So Much!!!

Always Your Loving Mama, Angel xoxoxoxoxox


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